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Description of regional, industry and project collaborations

XS Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, and has cooperated with many European brands for more than 19 years, such as South Korean DRMC vacuum generator products, British BAMBI small silent air compressor, German CONTITECH air spring;

Some brands have established joint ventures. We have established Kangming Transmission Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with Italian COMINTEC Company, and KSI Gas Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with German KSI Company, etc.;

We have become the exclusive agent or first-level agent of the cooperative brand in China. If our products are applied in your field, project or region, we are very willing to cooperate with you, and we will give the region, industry or project Authorization to help you get the most direct technical support and competitive prices;

We also welcome you to become a distributor, we will provide product training, technical support, market strategy, brand promotion and exhibition promotion and other services.

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